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Welcome to the MICRO COMPUTER
By.Achmad Gazali

Sambutan / Prakata

Dengan semakin berkembangnya, tekhnologi maka kami dari Lembaga Pendidikan dan keterampilan Micro Computer, merasa ikut bertanggung jawab untuk memajukan anak bangsa ini, sebagai lembaga swasta yang bergerak dibidang Pendidikan khususnya bidang komputer, maka dari kami LPK Micro Computer Merasa perlu untuk membuka diri di Dunia Cyber,

Thumb through the Family Album

Visitors, take a peek to see why you're lucky that you didn't get our family's genes. Family members, look to see if you inherited Great-great Grandma Martha's bald spot. Or just review the latest family pictures: ever seen Dad without his dentures? Or Mom at her high school prom?

Family Reunion Preparation

Get ready for the upcoming family reunion! It's at Aunt Bertie's this year, so bring your bowling gear and your swimsuits.Also be thinking of which family member could be the following trees inthe family grove: the nut tree, the fruity tree, the shady tress, the tree with the most bark, or the evergreen.

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